About the Artist: Mia Stolpe 

I am an Australian born Swedish artist or “Swassie” Often a better way to describe myself. Blessed to have two cultures and scenic influences.

My work is Primarily the result of my need to paint, draw and collage things of beauty and an outlet for my creative passion. My first creative influences came from indigenous Aboriginals, learnt at school. We were taught about their use of colour and pattern to tell a story.

 After school I felt I needed to discover my family roots in my fathers country. This is where my passion for architecture blossomed. Coming from a new country to one that displayed so much history on every street was such a profound experience. It was also the first time in my life I have ever lived the four seasons and hoped this has been conveyed to the viewer of how I have interpreted my scenes.

 I use many types of mediums; paint pen, acrylic paint, ink, watercolour but most of my buildings are from papers, reused pieces of my art, maps, and some foils all combined to create a work to express an emotional reaction or attachment to a place. I seek to convince the viewer in sharing how I perceive my surrounds as “Reality is always subject to interpretation”

Education Qualifications:

2016 Diploma in Visual Arts – Sweden, Liljeholmen Folkhogskola

2015 Diploma in Visual Arts – TAFE Queensland Brisbane
2013–2014 Certificate 3 in Visual Art – TAFE Queensland Brisbane Australia


2018 Lakrits Festival – Stockholm Globan

2018 Wachmeister Galleria – Karlskrona

2017 Mor Oliviagården Christmas exhibition- Ronneby

2017 Konst I Tjyyen – Sövesborg

2016 Liljeholmen Folkhogskola mid year exhibition – Kisa Library

2016 Liljeholmen Folkhogskola end of year exhibition – Rimforsa

2014–2016 All about your Homewears & Gifts store- Brisbane, Australia 

2015 Unwritten thoughts of youth arts exhibition – Mary MacKillop college, Nundah Queensland

2015 Designed logo for Duskii Women’s Surfing Festival South - South Australia 

2015 Designed logo for the Tea House- Brisbane, Australia 

2015 Scandinavian Festival- Brisbane

2015 Final TAFE of Queensland exhibition – South Bank TAFE
2015 Creative Generation excellence awards in Visual Art – Ipswich Gallery